If I Forgive .. Can I Forget ?

If I forgive .. can i Forget ? A question that I’m pretty sure most people have asked when dealing with a difficult situation to forgive. First, let me start by saying forgiveness is for you, never ever for the other person. Forgiveness frees you and rids you of all grudges and burdens and let’s … Continue reading If I Forgive .. Can I Forget ?


Social Media: For Better or Worst

With the rise of social media there is no doubt that it has greatly impacted the way we live, act, become famous, etc. Social media has changed our way living drastically and also helped connect more people to one another, but as most great things will have it, there is always a flaw. And i … Continue reading Social Media: For Better or Worst

I’m the Child .. You Look For Me !

If there something I've noticed is that there are a lot of single parents, leaving a lot of kids either motherless or fatherless. Now I'm not here to say that its bad to be a single parent, what I'm saying is the lack of the parent the child doesn't live with. I don't want to … Continue reading I’m the Child .. You Look For Me !

You’re Only Here For The Pain

As I continue with this wonderful blog journey I’ve realized people have responded way more to the post I’ve written about heartbreak, pain, and struggle than to post I’ve written about self-love and positive mindset. And its no to say people don’t like positive topics, but that we relate more to the topics dealing with … Continue reading You’re Only Here For The Pain

Boys will be Boys ..

How many times have we've heard the excuse, "boys will be boys" or "he's just a boy?" Probably more times than we can actually account for. Recently I spoke at my school about domestic violence and I got to thinking about how from a young age society teaches boys its okay to hit girls and … Continue reading Boys will be Boys ..

GAY is not just a word

Gay: the sexuality, is what i am referring to, specifically men How many times have you jokingly said, "that's gay?" Probably more times than you can count, and I'm not here to point fingers cause I've said it to, because I saw no harm in it. And I see nothing wrong with saying it because … Continue reading GAY is not just a word